Coolant Delivery


DECA (3 mm) Program

The internal through hole of the DECA program is 3 mm and is ideal for the distribution of refrigerant (oil or emulsion) in small-sized machines such as Swiss-type CNC lathes, fixed-head CNC lathes, driven tools or as distribution branches of bigger programs (HECTO, MEGA or GIGA).

Maximum torque for locking the parts of the system: 1.8 Nm
Maximum pressure: 150 Bar (2,175 psi)
Material: Steel

Build your own Coolant Delivery system:

Initial Connection + Articulated Connection + Nozzle

Choose the parts you want to make your own custom system! Mix and match or get one of our prebuilt kits.

Initial connection:

Connection elements with the machine-tool or other coolant distribution programs.

Articulated connection:

Basic articulated elements which connect to each other. Swiveling ±25º.

Special adaptors:

Coolant distribution components, expansion of articulated lines and adaption to other coolant delivery systems.

Coolant nozzles:

Nozzles with several designs adapted to meet different coolant delivery requirements.

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