Deca – Initial Connection

Connection elements with the machine-tool or other SCS coolant distribution programs. ID:3 mm.
Material: Steel

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Part NumberABL (mm)W (mm)PIC
DE-IC-01-00M8x1 M7.5x0.5 DECA14.1111
DE-IC-01-01M5x0.8 M7.5x0.5 DECA11.3111
DE-IC-01-02M6x1 M7.5x0.5 DECA11.8111
DE-IC-01-03M10x1 M7.5x0.5 DECA15.7111
DE-IC-01-04BSP1/8 M7.5x0.5 DECA15.7111
DE-IC-01-05BSP1/4 M7.5x0.5 DECA18.2111
DE-IC-01-06M8x1 KEG M7.5x0.5 DECA13.5111
DE-IC-01-07M10x1 KEG M7.5x0.5 DECA15.5111
DE-IC-01-08BSPT1/8" M7.5x0.5 DECA15.5111
DE-IC-01-09NPT1/8" M7.5x0.5 DECA15.5111
DE-IC-01-10NPT1/4" M7.5x0.5 DECA18.2111
DE-IC-01-11M10x1.5 M7.5x0.5 DECA?111
DE-IC-02-00BALL OD:10mm M7.5x0.5 DECA18.51N/A2
DE-IC-02-01BALL OD:12mm M7.5x0.5 DECA20.72N/A2
DE-IC-02-02BALL OD:14mm M7.5x0.5 DECA22.82N/A2
DE-IC-02-03BALL OD:15mm M7.5x0.5 DECA24.35N/A2
Part NumberABL (mm)W (mm)PIC
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