DECA – Starter Kit

DECA - Starter Kit cover

Set of components to start and become familiar with the iSWISS Articulated Coolant Distribution System DECA program. Basic set of components delivered in a basic kit for the most typical applications.

For general cooling with a single outlet L=135 mm.

Initial Connection:
1 unit DE-IC-01-00 M8x1(M) to articulated connection DECA.

Articulated connection:
5 unit DE-AC-01-00 Articulated connection DECA L:12.5 mm
1 unit DE-AC-01-02 Articulated connection DECA L:42.5 mm

Coolant nozzles:
1 unit DE-NZ-01-00 Straight nozzle. ID:3 mm & L:9 mm

Fastening keys for the articulated system:
1 unit DE-FK-01-00 Wrenches for fastening the 2 hexagons used in the DECA
program. SW8 & SW9.

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Part # IC AC Nozzles Wrenches Action
1 Unit DE-IC-01-00
5 Unit DE-AC-01-00 , 1 Unit DE-AC-01-02
1 Unit DE-NZ-01-00
1 Unit DE-FK-01-00