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Microconic Cartridges

The Microconic cartridge fits into your CNC lathe or swiss machine and transforms the spindle into a highly accurate miniature work-holding system. Installing the Microconic cartridge enables your shop to convert all of your facilities’ turning machines spindles to one universally sized Microconic collet for your small diameter work holding. All cartridges are precision groundhigh-chromium tool steel. Manufacturing tolerance is 3µm (.0001″) and we guarantee Microconic cartridges to be within 5µm (0.0002″) in production use in your machine. The robust design and materials ensure reliability and longevity in the most demanding production environment while providing extreme accuracy.

Advantages of the Microconic Cartridge

  • Every Microconic cartridge comes standard with an extended nose for unsurpassed rigidity because of its single-piece construction.
  • Installed like a standard collet in your machine, and actuated like a normal collet. No modifications of the machine are necessary.
  • For both draw-type collet systems, like 5C &16C, and push-type “dead length” systems, such as TF16, TF20, TF25 & TF37.
  • NOW you can move production operations to the sub-spindle from the main in your CNC lathes to equalize out cutting time.
  • Micrograd™ adjustment face dial wrench gives you precise & repeatable control of collet clamping pressure. This is unique to our system!
  • Delicate parts are held firmly and precisely, every time.
  • Designed with an extended nose that is solid and rigid, yet small in diameter so tooling and coolant have easy access to the workpiece.
  • Designed to eliminate the need for extended nose collets.
  • Superior in concentricity, rigidity, and gripping force than standard collets & emergency collets.
  • 5CM10 -Microconic UM10 Cartridge for 5C; includes CW10, HW20
  • F20M10 – Microconic UM10 Cartridge for TF20; includes CW10, HSD15

  • F201M10 – Microconic UM10 Cartridge for TF201; includes CW10, PSS2

  • F25M10 – Microconic UM10 Cartridge for TF25; includes CW10, HSD15

  • F37M10 – Microconic UM10 Cartridge for TF37; includes CW10, HSD15

Microconic system ships within 2 days of order.