F25M10 Cartridge

The push type F25 Cartridge replaces the standard TF25 collet in your CNC spindle. This enables you to use our Microconic collets to achieve concentricity guaranteed to be within 5µm (0.0002″) in production use.

The F25M10 Cartridge a micro-workholding system for use in high precision, small diameter CNC turning applications which enables you to move more work to the sub spindle operations and reduce cycle time.

F25M10 Cartridge is compatible with spindles that accept DIN 145E, Meister Swiss 556, Schaublin F25 (76-64), Southwick & Meister TF25, KEB (MasWerks) MC25, and Hardinge® TF25 / 4613 collets.

Holding Power:

Masa’s Cartridge and Collet assembly is designed to vector the chucking force directly over the holding surface. This means that the chucking force can be reduced while at the same time the holding power is increased. This opens up the possibility of moving part operations to the sub-spindle and dramatically reducing cycle time. 20% ~ 40% cycle time reduction is commonly achieved.

F25M10 Cartridge

F25M10 Features

  • Solid extended nose, giving superior access for tooling and coolant, with minimal overhang.
  • The cartridge’s core diameter is a single-piece construction that will maintain 5 µm/.0002″ concentricity at the extended nose tip.
  • Micrometer dial control of collet clamping pressure regardless of the machine’s hydraulic or pneumatic collet closing force with the use of our Micrograd™ Wrench. See below for more details.
  • Ideally suited for small diameter part size range from .2mm/.008″ to 10mm/.3934″ diameter
  • 2-days shipping on all cartridges and collets.

F25M10 Compatibility


Fits the following models of machines:

  • Citizen Models: A20 / 20VI, B20 I, B20 V, E16, E16J, E220, F16, F20, G16, L16, L16V, L16VI, L20, L20 I/ III, L20VII & M20.
  • Hanwha Models: ML20H(18H), ML20S(18S), SL20HP, SL20S, SL20S, XD20.
  • KSI Models: SA20/SM20, SQC20.
  • Maier Models: ML-20A/20B, ML-20C/20D, ML-20E.
  • NexTurn Models: SA18A.
  • Star Models: ECAS 20, KNC16/20B, KNC20, SB20, SR20/20R, 20RII/20RS, SV20, VNC20.
  • Tornos Models: DECO 2000 20, Delta 20/5, Delta 20/5 DD, ENC167, ENC262,ENC264, M20, R20/RR20.
  • Tsugami Models: BE19, BE20 III, BE20V, BF20/BN/BW, BH20, BO205/206, BS19, BS20A/B/C, BS20V/SS20, BU20, NP20/20 l, NP20 II, NP20 III, NT20, S20, S20D/S20H, S20P, S205/06/07, S520/532, SS20/20M, SX20A, SX20B/20C.
  • Methods CAM Models: SS20
  • Strom CAM Models: M205
  • Tornos CAM Models: R20, RR20

Chucking force directly over the chucking surface

  • Reduces the need for excessive force to hold the work piece.
  • Significantly reduces chucking damage on the work piece.
  • Thin wall chucking is now possible without crushing the part.

Reduces “micro-movement” of the workpiece which means

  • Longer tool life
  • Better finishes
  • Chatter problems are less likely
  • Less damage to the work-piece

More operations can be done in the sub-spindle

  • Eliminate secondary operations.
  • Reduce labor/downtime/changeover/set-up costs significantly.
  • Saves time due to overlapping machining in the main spindle.

Part features that were not possible to machine before are now possible in the subspindle.

  • Broaching
  • Milling
  • Saw Cutting/Slotting
  • Turning
  • Boring
  • Drilling

Collets for the F25M10 Cartridge

Micrograd Face Dial Wrench


Set ups are quicker and more repeatable with Microconic. You can document the micrometer-adjust collet closure in your set up plan so it’s done the same every time, regardless of operator skill and without relying on “feel”.

Micrograd Face Dial Wrench is included with the purchase of any Microconic Cartridges.

The Micrograd Face dial Wrench provides a method of precisely setting clamping pressure on both the Microconic collets and an Microconic overgrip collets. It can be adjusted in metric increments of 0,02mm and imperial increments of .001″

F25M10-E –  Inch version graduations on the MicroGrad dial wrench included with each cartridge.

F25M10-M –  Metric version graduations on the MicroGrad dial wrench included with each cartridge.

Microconic system ships within 2 days of order.

Part NumberDescription
F25M10-EMicroconic UM10 Cartridge for TF25, Inch Graduations; includes CW10-E, HSD15
F25M10-MMicroconic UM10 Cartridge for TF25, Metric Graduations; includes CW10-M, HSD15
Part NumberDescription
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