Tap Holders with Axial Coolant

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Part #DRangePulloutL1L2AKColletNut
GFM161645AK1WD16M1 - M87 mm4536G1/8"ER16ER16M
GFM161950AK1WD3/4''M1 - M87 mm5036G1/8"ER16ER16M
GFM162050AK1WD20M1 - M87 mm5036G1/8"ER16ER16M
GFM162070AK1WD20M1 - M87 mm7036G1/8"ER16ER16M
GFM162270AK1WD22M1 - M87 mm7036G1/8"ER16ER16M
GFM162570AK1WD25M1 - M87 mm7036G1/8"ER16ER16M
GFM162670AK1WD1''M1 - M87 mm7036G1/8"ER16ER16M
Part #DRangePulloutL1L2AKColletNut
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