Micrograd Face Dial Wrench

microconic Face-Dial-Wrench
Set ups are quicker and more repeatable with Microconic. You can document the micrometer-adjust collet closure in your set up plan so it’s done the same every time, regardless of operator skill and without relying on “feel”.Micrograd Face Dial Wrench is included with the purchase of any Microconic Cartridges.The Micrograd Face dial Wrench provides a method of precisely setting clamping pressure on both the Microconic collets and an Microconic overgrip collets. It can be adjusted in metric increments of 0,02mm and imperial increments of .001″

How to use the Micrograd™ Face Dial Wrench

Insert a gage pin of the appropriate diameter. Tighten collet with Micrograd Collet wrench by 2 – 4 graduations to set initial clamping force. For a firm grip on solid workpieces typically a closure of about .08mm (0.003”) is a good starting point. Experience will soon teach the best settings, and they may vary significantly for different applications based on the force required, the rigidity of workpiece, and machining operation being performed.

For a complete set of instructions please see our installation procedures for more details on how to set up and replicate your clamping pressure on every machine in your shop.

Microconic system ships within 2 days of order.

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Part # Description Action
Microrad Dial Collet Wrench For UM10, Inch Graduations
Microrad Dial Collet Wrench For UM10, Metric Graduations