Longlife Bar Feed Collets for CUCCHI with left hand threads

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Part #DGMachineLSWB fromB to
DX19L19M10x1 LCUCCHI PB2060171717.2
DX20L20M10x1 LCUCCHI PB2060171819
DX23L23M14x1 LCUCCHI PB23602119.422
DX29L29M18x1.5 LCUCCHI PB30652727.5
DX30L30M18x1.5 LCUCCHI PB30652827.528
DX32L32M18x1.5 LCUCCHI PB32652830
DX34L34M18x1.5 LCUCCHI PB35A703227.632.5
DX35L35M18x1.5 LCUCCHI PB3570323233
DX37L37M25x1.5 LCUCCHI PB3870343235
DX40L39.8M25x1.5 LCUCCHI PB4270363538
DX41L41M25x1.5 LCUCCHI PB4270363540
DX42L42M25x1.5 LCUCCHI PB42703640
DX47L47M30x1.5 LCUCCHI PB4870404445
DX50L49.7M30x1.5 LCUCCHI PB704641.248
DX60L59.7M30x1.5 LCUCCHI PB60805558
Part #DGMachineLSWB fromB to
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