Guide Bushings STAR Specific

Guide Bushing Options Available

Gold Wave
Extended Carbide Inserts
Raco-Morph Coated
Wave Slots
Polymer Insert

-Wave slots prevent chips from getting into the guide bore
-Extended landings standard
-Ultra precision standard
-Scratch free properties
-Not sensitive to heat and non-abrasive
-Very low friction coefficient
-Concentricity accuracy is the as same as carbide

Visit the Gold Wave Bushing Product Page to view more information.

-Maximum support given to part.
-Shorter processing times are possible during the turning operation.
-Ideal for cutting long threads.
-Carbide lined for higher durability and to keep the barstock clean and unmarked

Visit the Extended Carbide Inserts Product Pageto view more information.

-Reduced sliding friction
-Better protection against abrasion
-Very high corrosion-resistance

-Due to the waveform of the slots a scratch-free surface is ensured
-Well-suited to drive square and hexagon material
-Prevents chips and dirt in the bores and slits
-Highest concentric accuracy
-Available for all common types of guide bushes

-High scratch-free surface on the turning parts
-Very low coefficient of friction, ensuring very good sliding properties
-Shape consistency and stability is guaranteed by the steel body
-Concentric accuracy is the same as what the user is used to for a guide bush
-Extends over the entire length of the guide bush
-Not heat sensitive

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Part #DdE-NumberThreadLKDiamter up / to
TD1020.516I 353M 14 x 159161.0 - 12.0
SNC152421T 221M 18 x 157.5123.0 - 15.0
TD20R2922I 354M 19 x 168162.0 - 16.0
TSG 20 R2823TSG 20 RM 22 x 172163.0 - 16.0
TD25S3428T 223M 25 x 182163.0 - 21.0
TD32S4942T 229M 40 x 182163.0 - 32.0
STM385448T 248M 46 x 182162.0 - 38.0
TD1020.516I 353M 14 x 1591612
SNC152421T 221M 18 x 157.51215
TD20R2922F 391M 22 x 1681618
TD25S3428T 223M 25 x 1821621
TD253828I 357M 25 x 1813021
STM385448T 248M 40 x 1821638
Part #DdE-NumberThreadLKDiamter up / to
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