Extension Tube Wrench

Extension Tube Wrench cover

Extension tube from ER M type nut to Hexagon for safe tool change:

  • The extension tube fits into the ER M nut slots and covers the cutting tool during the tool change process
    preventing possible injury.
  • The hexagon of the extension tube allows the operator to place the wrench and apply the necessary force
    to fasten/unfasten the ER M nut safely, minimizing the possibility of the wrench coming loose and
    eliminating the rounding of the edges of the nut. It even allows the use of torque wrenches.
  • There are different extension tube lengths to completely cover the tools mounted in the ER tool holder,
    however, if necessary, it can be used with longer tools.

Material: Blued steel.

Extension Tube Wrench - iSwiss Tools
Extension Tube Wrench - iSwiss Tools

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Part # Tool Max Length Action

Wrenches for tightening the extension tube from ER M nut to Hexagonal:

Special wrench with the optimal length to exert the necessary torque, and reasonably avoid interference with other machine elements.


Material: Blued steel.

Extension Tube Wrench - iSwiss Tools