ER-Collets With Micro Bores

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Part #SizeID
ER08MB 0.2-REER080.2
ER08MB 0.3-REER080.3
ER08MB 0.4-REER080.4
ER08MB 0.5-REER080.5
ER08MB 0.6-REER080.6
ER08MB 0.7-REER080.7
ER08MB 0.8-REER080.8
ER08MB 0.9-REER080.9
ER11MB 0.2-REER110.2
ER11MB 0.3-REER110.3
ER11MB 0.4-REER110.4
ER11MB 0.5-REER110.5
ER11MB 0.6-REER110.6
ER11MB 0.7-REER110.7
ER11MB 0.8-REER110.8
ER11MB 0.9-REER110.9
ER16MB 0.2-REER160.2
ER16MB 0.3-REER160.3
ER16MB 0.4-REER160.4
ER16MB 0.5-REER160.5
ER16MB 0.6-REER160.6
ER16MB 0.7-REER160.7
ER16MB 0.8-REER160.8
ER16MB 0.9-REER160.9
Part #SizeID
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