Bar Feed Collets for CUCCHI with left hand threads

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Part #DGMachineLSWB fromB to
DX1919M10x1 LCUCCHI PB206017417
DX2020M10x1 LCUCCHI PB20601711.518
DX2323M14x1 LCUCCHI PB236021421
DX2424M14x1 LCUCCHI PB24602221.722
DX2525M14x1 LCUCCHI PB246022622
DX2929M18x1.5 LCUCCHI PB306527527.5
DX3030M18x1.5 LCUCCHI PB30652816.528
DX3232M18x1.5 LCUCCHI PB3265282029
DX3333M18x1.5 LCUCCHI PB35A703011.530
DX3434M18x1.5 LCUCCHI PB35A70321132
DX3535M18x1.5 LCUCCHI PB3570322133
DX3737M25x1.5 LCUCCHI PB3870341036
DX3939M25x1.5 LCUCCHI PB3870361636
DX4039.8M25x1.5 LCUCCHI PB4270362437
DX4141M25x1.5 LCUCCHI PB4270361939
DX4444M25x1.5 LCUCCHI PB4270364042
DX4747M30x1.5 LCUCCHI PB4870401245
DX5049.7M30x1.5 LCUCCHI PB70462047
DX5555M30x1.5 LCUCCHI PB80503552
DX6059.7M30x1.5 LCUCCHI PB6080551957
DX6565M30x1.5 LCUCCHI PB6880605062
DX7069.5M30x1.5 LCUCCHI PB70-7280Nut6065
DX7575M30x1.5 LCUCCHI PB7580Nut6572
DX8888Bore 40CUCCHI PB90110Nut6082
DV3434M25x1.5 L70302030
DV34L34M25x1.5 L703031.7532
Part #DGMachineLSWB fromB to
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