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Pull Collets


  • Clamping range +0,2 mm up to -0,8 mm
  • This Alloy is not heat sensitive and very hard – non-abrasive
  • Prevents cold shut and friction between Material and guide bush
  • High runout accuracy
  • Square and hexagon profiles are also available
  • Special profiles according to you drawing can be eroded
  • Suitable for all pneumatic guide-bush-systems
  • Also available in grey cast iron and nitrided steel.

Kroko slots prevents chips and dirt from getting into the bores and the slots, as well as all the advantages of the regular pull collets.

Pull Collets kroko in machine

JBS part number converter

Use our online converter tool to convert JBS Pull collet part number to iSwiss Pull collet part number.

Just enter JBS 6-digit part number in the field and click the “Convert” button.