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Double-Cone Collets

JBS part number converter

Use our online converter tool to convert JBS Pull collet part number to iSwiss Pull collet part number.

Just enter JBS 6-digit part number in the field and click the “Convert” button.


  • Clamping Range +0.2 mm up to -0.8 mm
  • Chip cover cap if technically possible, depends on type and ø
  • This Alloy is not heat sensitive and very hard – non-abrasive
  • High runout accuracy
  • Prevents cold shut and friction between Material and guide bush
  • Square and hexagon profiles are also available
  • Special profiles according to you drawing can be eroded
  • Suitable for all pneumatic guide-bush-systems

Available in bronze, grey cast iron, and nitrided steel.

*Kroko slots prevent chips and dirt from getting into the bores and the slots, as well as all the advantages of the regular double cone collets.