Coolant Delivery

GIGA – Special Connections

Coolant distribution components, expansion of articulated lines and adaption to other SCS coolant distribution systems.

Material: Steel

Ball Valves:

Miniature ball valves for shut-off or control of the coolant flow. To be installed at the machine-tool coolant outlet.
• PN10: Pressure 10 bar (145 psi). Material: Chrome plated brass.
• PN63: Pressure 63 bar (914 psi). Material: Stainless steel AISI-316

Ball Valves A (M) L (mm) B (F) H (mm) Pressure Rating
UN-VA-01-03 BSP1/2″ 46 BSP1/2″ 37 145 PSI
UN-VA-01-04 BSP3/4″ 54 BSP3/4″ 44 145 PSI
UN-VA-02-03 BSP1/2″ 46 BSP1/2″ 37 915 PSI
UN-VA-02-04 BSP3/4″ 54 BSP3/4″ 44 914 PSI
UN-VA-02-05 BSP1″ 64 BSP1″ 53 914 PSI

Other Connections:


90 Degree



“Y” Distributor




Special fastening wrenches for fastening the GIGA articulated system.



Wrenches for fastening the 2 hexagons used in the GIGA program. SW30 & SW35.

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