star cnc machine inside

Coolant Delivery


GIGA (16 mm) Program

The internal through hole of the GIGA program is 16 mm and is ideal for the distribution of air and refrigerant (oil or emulsion) in medium and large-sized machines such as CNC lathes, machining centers or grinding machines.

Maximum torque for locking the parts of the system: 40 Nm
Maximum pressure: 80 Bar (1,160 psi)
Material: Steel

Build your own Coolant Delivery system:

Initial Connection + Articulated Connection + Nozzle

Choose the parts you want to make your own custom system! Mix and match or get one of our prebuilt kits.

Initial connection:

Connection elements with the machine-tool or other coolant distribution programs.

Articulated connection:

Basic articulated elements which connect to each other. Swiveling ±25º.

Special adaptors:

Coolant distribution components, expansion of articulated lines and adaption to other coolant delivery systems.

Coolant nozzles:

Nozzles with several designs adapted to meet different coolant delivery requirements.