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Articulating Steel Tubes


Modular articulated system for the supply of refrigerant at low, medium or high-pressure. Also useful for air blasting operations. Ideal for both fixed-head and Swiss-type CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal machining centers, grinding or transfer machines.

4 Manufacturing programs according to ID:

ProgramThrough HolePressure Rating
DECA3 mm2175 psi
HECTO6 mm1450 psi
MEGA10.5 mm1160 psi
GIGA16 mm1160 psi

Exclusive operation of the mechanism that allows to position and use it with low pressures without the need of tightening of the nuts, even in this mode of operation a total liquid tightness is maintained. For high-pressure work, it must be blocked to ensure stiffness.
It withstands the vibration and pressure of the refrigerant without losing the position. It can be orientated and fixed without the need to use mounting keys.

It allows to work with emulsion or cutting oil or compressed air for cooling or cleaning of the workpiece. In the “Initial Connection” (IC) parts, BSP threads have 1 mark in the hexagon area and NPT threads have 2 marks. Metric threads have no marks. This marking allows for easy identification.


NOTE: Do not exceed the maximum tightening torque when blocking the parts. We strongly recommend using the specific ISWISS wrenches for each of the articulated steel programs. Failure to follow these instructions may damage the parts and void the warranty.

Max Torque1.8 Nm6 Nm28 Nm40 Nm

Pre-assebled kits ready to install in machines or tool holders

Complete kits of articulated steel tubes to substitute traditional plastic tubes installed in the machine, which cannot withstand coolant pressure. Pre-defined kits for top-selling machines and the possibility of customized solutions with basic information and a photograph of existing plastic tubing to substitute.

Kits for turret disc mounting to improve cooling to the tool holders and kits for tool holders, both driven and fixed with ball-type adaptors and a complete range of nozzles. No need for copper tubes with inconsistent bending and non-existing nozzle.