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iSwiss Micro Boring System

iSwiss micro boring bars system is custom-designed for Swiss-type machines and features various geometries to tackle the unique challenges associated with cutting different ID features. This system features a fool-proof clamping design that allows even inexperienced operators to quickly and easily change tools, resulting in reduced machine idle time and more efficient operations.


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Cutting tools

Tungsten carbide cutting tools are highly versatile and suitable for use with a wide range of workpiece materials, including copper, aluminum, stainless steel (such as SS303, SS304, SS310, SS316, and SS420), medium-carbonized steel 1045), free-cutting materials (such as 12L14 and 12L15), alloy steel (4118 and 4135), and mold steel (such as D2 tool steel ).


iSwiss toolholder system offers both easy positioning and high precision repeatability thanks to its specific patented design that is tailored to work seamlessly with various branded CNC machine companies. This ensures that operators can quickly and accurately position their cutting tools in significant time savings and minimizing the risk of errors.


To ensure optimal performance and longevity of tungsten carbide cutting tools, it is essential to choose the appropriate coating based on the customer’s workpiece material designation, machining spindle RPM, cutting amount, and feed rate. Some suitable coating options include:

Medium aluminum (TiAlN) coating for high-temperature resistance, low friction, and extended tool life when machining steels, stainless steels, and other ferrous materials.

Nitride Titanium (TiN) coating for enhanced wear resistance and increased tool life when machining low-alloy steels and other softer materials.

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating offers a low friction coefficient, which provides a definite advantage when machining non-ferrous materials. It has excellent adhesion resistance that results in superior chip evacuation with no curling on the body. The appropriate coating for tungsten carbide cutting tools will depend on the specific machining conditions and workpiece materials being used.


Advantages of iSwiss boring tools system

  • Easy change of the cutting tool.
  • The High repeatability of the cutting tip, within 0.05 mm is achieved through the shape and clamping method of the tool.
  • We offer different coatings as well as uncoated tools to fit every application.
  • We offer a variety of tool holders to fit different machines.
  • Sharp cutting edges with excellent wear resistance and tool life.

We offer multiple geometry configurations to suit every need in turning and boring applications.

Tool locking procedure


Experience the Simplicity of our 3-Step Secure Locking Process.

Find the correct angle, align the tool accordingly, and fully insert it.

  1. Gently tighten the rear screw.
  2. Securely fasten the front screw.
  3. Ensure the rear screw is securely tightened.

Our Tools are easy to lock and can be changed without removing the holders.

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