CoolSpeed® mini systems

Revolutionary patented spindle technology for rotation speed
up to 75,000 rpm

CoolSpeed® mini is a new, high speed, turbine-driven spindle.
It costs a fraction of competing spindle systems.


Continuous high precision

  • The cutting tool shank serves as the spindle shaft
  • Dynamic run-out 4 microns or better
  • Bearings easily replaced with each cutting tool change

Driven by through coolant, oil, air mist

  • 145 psi (10 bar) coolant/oil deliver 40,000 rpm
  • 870 psi (60 bar) coolant/oil deliver 75,000 rpm
  • 58 psi (4-5 bar) air mist deliver 50,000 rpm

Efficiently turn any machine into an ultra-high-speed machining center

  • Milling Centers, Turning Centers, Swiss Type Lathes
  • Extends the machine spindle life time
  • Fits in standard tool holders for automatic tool change

Comparison with conventional machine spindle: 87% Time saving

CoolSpeed® mini for coolant, cutting oil

CoolSpeed® mini for air mist

CoolSpeed mini accessories


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