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    Part #RangeOZ-TypeSlotRef. Pic
    400E 1.0 - 6.0OZ 6Single slotted1
    401E 1.0 - 8.0OZ 8Single slotted1
    404E 1.0 - 10.0OZ 10Single slotted1
    407E 1.0 - 12.0OZ 12Single slotted1
    410E 2.0 - 2.5OZ 16Single slotted1
    410E 3.0 - 16.0OZ 16Single slotted1
    444E 2.0 - 2.5OZ 25Single slotted1
    444E 3.0 - 25.0OZ 25Single slotted1
    444E 3.5 - 24.5OZ 25Single slotted1
    450E 4OZ 32Single slotted1
    450E 5.0 - 32.0OZ 32Single slotted1
    415E 1.0 - 2.5OZ 16Double slotted2
    415E 3.0 - 5.5OZ 16Double slotted2
    415E 6.0 - 16.0OZ 16Double slotted2
    462E 2.0 - 2.5OZ 25Double slotted2
    462E 3.0 - 9.5OZ 25Double slotted2
    462E 10.0 - 25.5OZ 25Double slotted2
    467E 4.0 - 9.5OZ 32Double slotted2
    467E 10.0 - 32.0OZ 32Double slotted2
    Part #RangeOZ-TypeSlotRef. Pic

OZ-Collets DIN 6388 B

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    Part #ColletType
    415E 1.0 - 2.5415EOZ 16
    415E 3.0 - 5.5415EOZ 16
    415E 6.0 - 16.0415EOZ 16
    462E 2.0 - 2.5462EOZ 25
    462E 3.0 - 9.5462EOZ 25
    462E 10.0 - 25.5462EOZ 25
    467E 4.0 - 9.5467EOZ 32
    467E 10.0 - 32.0467EOZ 32
    Part #ColletType

Collets System Erickson DA

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    Part #SizeID
    DA180 01.0419E01.0
    DA180 01.5419E01.5
    DA180 02.0419E02.0
    DA180 02.5419E02.5
    DA180 03.0419E03.0
    DA180 03.5419E03.5
    DA180 04.0419E04.0
    DA180 04.5419E04.5
    DA180 05.0419E05.0
    DA180 05.5419E05.5
    DA180 06.0419E06.0
    DA180 06.5419E06.5
    DA180 07.0419E07.0
    DA180 07.5419E07.5
    DA180 08.0419E08.0
    DA180 08.5419E08.5
    DA180 09.0419E09.0
    DA180 09.5419E09.5
    DA180 10.0419E10.0
    DA180 10.5419E10.5
    DA180 11.0419E11.0
    DA180 11.5419E11.5
    DA180 12.0419E12.0
    DA180 12.5419E12.5
    DA180 13.0419E13.0
    DA180 13.5419E13.5
    DA180 14.0419E14.0
    DA180 14.5419E14.5
    DA180 15.0419E15.0
    DA180 15.5419E15.5
    DA180 16.0419E16.0
    DA180 16.5419E16.5
    DA180 17.0419E17.0
    DA180 17.5419E17.5
    DA180 18.0419E18.0
    DA180 18.5419E18.5
    DA180 19.0419E19.0
    DA180 19.5419E19.5
    DA180 20.0419E20.0
    DA100 02.0418E02.0
    DA100 02.5418E02.5
    DA100 03.0418E03.0
    DA100 03.5418E03.5
    DA100 04.0418E04.0
    DA100 04.5418E04.5
    DA100 05.0418E05.0
    DA100 05.5418E05.5
    DA100 06.0418E06.0
    DA100 06.5418E06.5
    DA100 07.0418E07.0
    DA100 07.5418E07.5
    DA100 08.0418E08.0
    DA100 08.5418E08.5
    DA100 09.0418E09.0
    DA100 09.5418E09.5
    DA100 10.0418E10.0
    DA100 10.5418E10.5
    DA100 11.0418E11.0
    DA100 11.5418E11.5
    DA100 12.0418E12.0
    DA100 12.5418E12.5
    DA100 13.0418E13.0
    DA100 13.5418E13.5
    DA100 14.0418E14.0
    DA100 14.5418E14.5
    DA100 15.0418E15.0
    DA200 01.0417E01.0
    DA200 01.5417E01.5
    DA200 02.0417E02.0
    DA200 02.5417E02.5
    DA200 03.0417E03.0
    DA200 03.5417E03.5
    DA200 04.0417E04.0
    DA200 04.5417E04.5
    DA200 05.0417E05.0
    DA200 05.5417E05.5
    DA200 06.0417E06.0
    DA200 06.5417E06.5
    DA200 07.0417E07.0
    DA200 07.5417E07.5
    DA200 08.0417E08.0
    DA200 08.5417E08.5
    DA200 09.0417E09.0
    DA200 09.5417E09.5
    DA200 10.0417E10.0
    DA300 01.0416E01.0
    DA300 01.5416E01.5
    DA300 02.0416E02.0
    DA300 02.5416E02.5
    DA300 03.0416E03.0
    DA300 03.5416E03.5
    DA300 04.0416E04.0
    DA300 04.5416E04.5
    DA300 05.0416E05.0
    DA300 05.5416E05.5
    DA300 06.0416E06.0
    DA300 06.5416E06.5
    DA-Supra 01.0412E01.0
    DA-Supra 01.25412E01.25
    DA-Supra 01.5412E01.5
    DA-Supra 01.75412E01.75
    DA-Supra 02.0412E02.0
    DA-Supra 02.25412E02.25
    DA-Supra 02.5412E02.5
    DA-Supra 02.75412E02.75
    DA-Supra 03.0412E03.0
    DA-Supra 03.25412E03.25
    DA-Supra 03.5412E03.5
    DA-Supra 03.75412E03.75
    DA-Supra 04.0412E04.0
    Part #SizeID

Collets Type 300, 500

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    Part #SizeID
    355E 02.5355E02.5
    355E 03.0355E03.0
    355E 03.5355E03.5
    355E 04.0355E04.0
    355E 04.5355E04.5
    355E 05.0355E05.0
    355E 05.5355E05.5
    355E 06.0355E06.0
    355E 06.5355E06.5
    355E 07.0355E07.0
    355E 07.5355E07.5
    355E 08.0355E08.0
    355E 08.5355E08.5
    355E 09.0355E09.0
    355E 09.5355E09.5
    355E 10.0355E10.0
    355E 10.5355E10.5
    355E 11.0355E11.0
    355E 11.5355E11.5
    355E 12.0355E12.0
    355E 12.5355E12.5
    355E 13.0355E13.0
    355E 13.5355E13.5
    355E 14.0355E14.0
    355E 14.5355E14.5
    355E 15.0355E15.0
    355E 15.5355E15.5
    355E 16.0355E16.0
    355E 16.5355E16.5
    355E 17.0355E17.0
    355E 17.5355E17.5
    355E 18.0355E18.0
    355E 18.5355E18.5
    355E 19.0355E19.0
    355E 19.5355E19.5
    355E 20.0355E20.0
    355E 20.5355E20.5
    355E 21.0355E21.0
    355E 21.5355E21.5
    355E 22.0355E22.0
    355E 22.5355E22.5
    355E 23.0355E23.0
    355E 23.5355E23.5
    355E 24.0355E24.0
    355E 24.5355E24.5
    355E 25.0355E25.0
    385E 01.5385E01.5
    385E 02.0385E02.0
    385E 02.5385E02.5
    385E 03.0385E03.0
    385E 03.5385E03.5
    385E 04.0385E04.0
    385E 04.5385E04.5
    385E 05.0385E05.0
    385E 05.5385E05.5
    385E 06.0385E06.0
    385E 06.5385E06.5
    385E 07.0385E07.0
    385E 07.5385E07.5
    385E 08.0385E08.0
    385E 08.5385E08.5
    385E 09.0385E09.0
    385E 09.5385E09.5
    385E 10.0385E10.0
    385E 10.5385E10.5
    385E 11.0385E11.0
    385E 11.5385E11.5
    385E 12.0385E12.0
    385E 12.5385E12.5
    385E 13.0385E13.0
    385E 13.5385E13.5
    385E 14.0385E14.0
    385E 14.5385E14.5
    385E 15.0385E15.0
    385E 15.5385E15.5
    385E 16.0385E16.0
    385E 16.5385E16.5
    385E 17.0385E17.0
    385E 17.5385E17.5
    385E 18.0385E18.0
    385E 18.5385E18.5
    385E 19.0385E19.0
    385E 19.5385E19.5
    385E 20.0385E20.0
    385E 20.5385E20.5
    385E 21.0385E21.0
    385E 21.5385E21.5
    385E 22.0385E22.0
    385E 22.5385E22.5
    385E 23.0385E23.0
    385E 23.5385E23.5
    385E 24.0385E24.0
    385E 24.5385E24.5
    385E 25.0385E25.0
    385E 25.5385E25.5
    385E 26.0385E26.0
    503E 04.0503E04.0
    503E 05.0503E05.0
    503E 06.0503E06.0
    503E 07.0503E07.0
    503E 08.0503E08.0
    503E 09.0503E09.0
    503E 10.0503E10.0
    503E 11.0503E11.0
    503E 12.0503E12.0
    536E 04.0536E04.0
    536E 06.0536E06.0
    536E 08.0536E08.0
    536E 10.0536E10.0
    536E 12.0536E12.0
    536E 14.0536E14.0
    536E 16.0536E16.0
    536E 18.0536E18.0
    536E 20.0536E20.0
    Part #SizeID

Collets Type 600

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    Part #SizeIDDLGd
    6023E 01.06023E01.06.520M5x0.65
    6023E 01.16023E01.16.520M5x0.65
    6023E 01.26023E01.26.520M5x0.65
    6023E 01.36023E01.36.520M5x0.65
    6023E 01.46023E01.46.520M5x0.65
    6023E 01.56023E01.56.520M5x0.65
    6023E 01.66023E01.66.520M5x0.65
    6023E 01.76023E01.76.520M5x0.65
    6023E 01.86023E01.86.520M5x0.65
    6023E 01.96023E01.96.520M5x0.65
    6023E 02.06023E02.06.520M5x0.65
    6023E 02.16023E02.16.520M5x0.65
    6023E 02.26023E02.26.520M5x0.65
    6023E 02.36023E02.36.520M5x0.65
    6023E 02.46023E02.46.520M5x0.65
    6023E 02.56023E02.56.520M5x0.65
    6023E 02.66023E02.66.520M5x0.65
    6023E 02.76023E02.76.520M5x0.65
    6023E 02.86023E02.86.520M5x0.65
    6023E 02.96023E02.96.520M5x0.65
    6023E 03.06023E03.06.520M5x0.65
    6043E 01.06043E01.08.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 01.26043E01.28.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 01.36043E01.38.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 01.46043E01.48.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 01.56043E01.58.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 01.66043E01.68.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 01.76043E01.78.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 01.86043E01.88.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 01.96043E01.98.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 02.06043E02.08.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 02.16043E02.18.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 02.26043E02.28.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 02.36043E02.38.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 02.46043E02.48.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 02.56043E02.58.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 02.66043E02.68.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 02.76043E02.78.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 02.86043E02.88.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 02.96043E02.98.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 03.06043E03.08.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 03.16043E03.18.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 03.26043E03.28.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 03.36043E03.38.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 03.46043E03.48.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 03.56043E03.58.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 03.66043E03.68.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 03.76043E03.78.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 03.86043E03.88.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 03.96043E03.98.526.5M6x0.76
    6043E 04.06043E04.08.526.5M6x0.76
    600E 01.0600E01.0928.5M6x0.756
    600E 01.2600E01.2928.5M6x0.756
    600E 01.3600E01.3928.5M6x0.756
    600E 01.4600E01.4928.5M6x0.756
    600E 01.5600E01.5928.5M6x0.756
    600E 01.6600E01.6928.5M6x0.756
    600E 01.7600E01.7928.5M6x0.756
    600E 01.8600E01.8928.5M6x0.756
    600E 01.9600E01.9928.5M6x0.756
    600E 02.0600E02.0928.5M6x0.756
    600E 02.1600E02.1928.5M6x0.756
    600E 02.2600E02.2928.5M6x0.756
    600E 02.3600E02.3928.5M6x0.756
    600E 02.4600E02.4928.5M6x0.756
    600E 02.5600E02.5928.5M6x0.756
    600E 02.6600E02.6928.5M6x0.756
    600E 02.7600E02.7928.5M6x0.756
    600E 02.8600E02.8928.5M6x0.756
    600E 02.9600E02.9928.5M6x0.756
    600E 03.0600E03.0928.5M6x0.756
    600E 03.1600E03.1928.5M6x0.756
    600E 03.2600E03.2928.5M6x0.756
    600E 03.3600E03.3928.5M6x0.756
    600E 03.4600E03.4928.5M6x0.756
    600E 03.5600E03.5928.5M6x0.756
    600E 03.6600E03.6928.5M6x0.756
    600E 03.7600E03.7928.5M6x0.756
    600E 03.8600E03.8928.5M6x0.756
    600E 03.9600E03.9928.5M6x0.756
    600E 04.0600E04.0928.5M6x0.756
    601E 01.0601E01.01133M8x0.758
    601E 01.1601E01.11133M8x0.758
    601E 01.2601E01.21133M8x0.758
    601E 01.3601E01.31133M8x0.758
    601E 01.4601E01.41133M8x0.758
    601E 01.5601E01.51133M8x0.758
    601E 01.6601E01.61133M8x0.758
    601E 01.7601E01.71133M8x0.758
    601E 01.8601E01.81133M8x0.758
    601E 01.9601E01.91133M8x0.758
    601E 02.0601E02.01133M8x0.758
    601E 02.1601E02.11133M8x0.758
    601E 02.2601E02.21133M8x0.758
    601E 02.3601E02.31133M8x0.758
    601E 02.4601E02.41133M8x0.758
    601E 02.5601E02.51133M8x0.758
    601E 02.6601E02.61133M8x0.758
    601E 02.7601E02.71133M8x0.758
    601E 02.8601E02.81133M8x0.758
    601E 02.9601E02.91133M8x0.758
    601E 03.0601E03.01133M8x0.758
    601E 03.1601E03.11133M8x0.758
    601E 03.2601E03.21133M8x0.758
    601E 03.3601E03.31133M8x0.758
    601E 03.4601E03.41133M8x0.758
    601E 03.5601E03.51133M8x0.758
    601E 03.6601E03.61133M8x0.758
    601E 03.7601E03.71133M8x0.758
    601E 03.8601E03.81133M8x0.758
    601E 03.9601E03.91133M8x0.758
    601E 04.0601E04.01133M8x0.758
    601E 04.1601E04.11133M8x0.758
    601E 04.2601E04.21133M8x0.758
    601E 04.3601E04.31133M8x0.758
    601E 04.4601E04.41133M8x0.758
    601E 04.5601E04.51133M8x0.758
    601E 04.6601E04.61133M8x0.758
    601E 04.7601E04.71133M8x0.758
    601E 04.8601E04.81133M8x0.758
    601E 04.9601E04.91133M8x0.758
    601E 05.0601E05.01133M8x0.758
    601E 05.1601E05.11133M8x0.758
    601E 05.2601E05.21133M8x0.758
    601E 05.3601E05.31133M8x0.758
    601E 05.4601E05.41133M8x0.758
    601E 05.5601E05.51133M8x0.758
    601E 05.6601E05.61133M8x0.758
    601E 05.7601E05.71133M8x0.758
    601E 05.8601E05.81133M8x0.758
    601E 05.9601E05.91133M8x0.758
    601E 06.0601E06.01133M8x0.758
    603E 01.0603E01.011.530.5M8x0.858
    603E 01.5603E01.511.530.5M8x0.858
    603E 02.0603E02.011.530.5M8x0.858
    603E 02.5603E02.511.530.5M8x0.858
    603E 03.0603E03.011.530.5M8x0.858
    603E 03.5603E03.511.530.5M8x0.858
    603E 04.0603E04.011.530.5M8x0.858
    603E 04.5603E04.511.530.5M8x0.858
    603E 05.0603E05.011.530.5M8x0.858
    603E 05.5603E05.511.530.5M8x0.858
    603E 06.0603E06.011.530.5M8x0.858
    6314E 01.06314E01.01434M10x0.7510
    6314E 01.56314E01.51434M10x0.7510
    6314E 02.06314E02.01434M10x0.7510
    6314E 02.56314E02.51434M10x0.7510
    6314E 03.06314E03.01434M10x0.7510
    6314E 03.56314E03.51434M10x0.7510
    6314E 04.06314E04.01434M10x0.7510
    6314E 04.56314E04.51434M10x0.7510
    6314E 05.06314E05.01434M10x0.7510
    6314E 05.56314E05.51434M10x0.7510
    6314E 06.06314E06.01434M10x0.7510
    6314E 06.56314E06.51434M10x0.7510
    6314E 07.06314E07.01434M10x0.7510
    6314E 07.56314E07.51434M10x0.7510
    6314E 08.06314E08.01434M10x0.7510
    635E 01.0635E01.01834M12x0.7512
    635E 01.5635E01.51834M12x0.7512
    635E 02.0635E02.01834M12x0.7512
    635E 02.5635E02.51834M12x0.7512
    635E 03.0635E03.01834M12x0.7512
    635E 03.5635E03.51834M12x0.7512
    635E 04.0635E04.01834M12x0.7512
    635E 04.5635E04.51834M12x0.7512
    635E 05.0635E05.01834M12x0.7512
    635E 05.5635E05.51834M12x0.7512
    635E 06.0635E06.01834M12x0.7512
    635E 06.5635E06.51834M12x0.7512
    635E 07.0635E07.01834M12x0.7512
    635E 07.5635E07.51834M12x0.7512
    635E 08.0635E08.01834M12x0.7512
    635E 08.5635E08.51834M12x0.7512
    635E 09.0635E09.01834M12x0.7512
    635E 09.5635E09.51834M12x0.7512
    635E 10.0635E10.01834M12x0.7512
    Part #SizeIDDLGd
Complete Requests

Machine type:

  • SX38

Machine type:

  • SR38

Machine type:

  • SR38
  • SR32JII
  • SX38

Machine type:

  • SR32
  • SR32J

Machine type:

  • SW20 (Pos T24 + T28)

Machine type:

  • SW20
  • SW12RII
  • SV20R
  • SR20RIV
  • SB12/20R
  • SR38

Machine type:

  • SR10J (Pos T22 + T24)
  • SB12/20R; SB16/20
  • SR20J/JN; SR32J/JN
  • SR20 R/II/III; SV20R
  • SW12RII; ECAS12/20
  • SR20RIV (Pos T21-T24 Overlaps T25 - T28)

Pic 10

Pic 9

Pic 8

Pic 7

Pic 6

Pic 5

Machine type:

  • SR16R

Machine type:

  • SR-16
  • SR-20

Machine type:

  • SR-10J (Pos T21 + T23)

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 1

Pic 1