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Technical Information – Insert Holders

Technique external thread Calculation of the helix-angle ß: Rule of thumb: P x 20 / D = Angle n = Number of threads P = division (= pitch with one-start thread) D = Thread diameter     Thread cutting insert holders standard supplied with 1° insert inclination angle. In Part…

Insert Type Shank Ø Spanner Screw / Part #
ER16.. T10 A12-W6035120
CC..21.5 T8 A12-W6025060
CC..32.5 10 T15 A12-W6040082
CC..32.5 >10 T15 A12-W6040108
DC..21.5 8+10 T8 A12-W6025060
DC..21.5 >10 t8 A12-W6025078
DC..22.5 T15 A12-W6025060
DC..32.5 10 T15 A12-W6040082
DC..32.5 >10 T15 A12-W6040108
SC..32 10 TF15 A12-W6040082*
SC..32 10 T15 A12-W6040108*
SC..43 T20 A112-W5645110
TC..22 8 T8 A12-W6025060
TC..22 >8 T8 A12-W6025078

Insert Type Shank Ø Spanner Screw / Part #
TP..22 T9 A12-W6030082*
TP..32.5 T15 A12-W6035090
VB..21.5 T8 A12-W6025060
VB..22 10 T8 A12-W6025060
VB..22 >10 T8 A12-W6025078
VB..33 12 T15 A12-W6040082
VB..33 >12 T15 A12-W6040108
VC..22 10 T8 A12-W6025060
VC..22 >10 T8 A12-W6025078
VC..2.52 10 T9 A12-W6030082
VC..2.52 >10 T9 A12-W6030100
VC..33 10 TF15 A12-W6040082
VC..33 >10 T15 A12-W6040108

* older versions may differ

Holders for TC / TP Inserts

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    Part #BLSInsertsSpannerScrew
    STACR 0808K118 x 813011TCGH..22 / TCGB..22 / TCMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    STACR 1010K1110 x 1013011TCGH..22 / TCGB..22 / TCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    STACR 1212K1112 x 1212511TCGH..22 / TCGB..22 / TCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    STACR 1616HX1116 x 1610011TCGH..22 / TCGB..22 / TCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    STACR 1616K1116 x 1612511TCGH..22 / TCGB..22 / TCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    STAPR 0808KX118 x 812511TPGH..22 / TPGB..22 / TPMT..22T9A12-W6030082
    STAPL 0808M118 x 813511TPGH..22 / TPGB..22 / TPMT..22T9A12-W6030082
    STAPR 1010K1110 x 1012511TPGH..22 / TPGB..22 / TPMT..22T9A12-W6030082
    STAPR 1010M1110 x 1013511TPGH..22 / TPGB..22 / TPMT..22T9A12-W6030082
    STAPR 1212K1112 x 1213011TPGH..22 / TPGB..22 / TPMT..22T9A12-W6030082
    STAPR 1212MX1112 x 1213411TPGH..22 / TPGB..22 / TPMT..22T9A12-W6030082
    STAPR 1212M1612 x 1215016TPGB..32.5 / TPGH..32.5 / TPMT..32.5T15A12-W6035090
    STAPR 1616K1116 x 1612511TPGH..22 / TPGB..22 / TPMT..22T9A12-W6030082
    STACL 0808H118 x 810511TCGH..22 / TCGB..22 / TCMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    STACL 0808K118 x 813011TCGH..22 / TCGB..22 / TCMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    STACL 1010K1110 x 1013011TCGH..22 / TCGB..22 / TCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    STACL 1010M1110 x 1015011TCGH..22 / TCGB..22 / TCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    STACL 1212K1112 x 1212511TCGH..22 / TCGB..22 / TCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    STAPL 1010K1110 x 1012511TPGH..22 / TPGB..22 / TPMT..22T9A12-W6030082
    STAPL 1010M1110 x 1013511TPGH..22 / TPGB..22 / TPMT..22T9A12-W6030082
    STAPL 1212K1112 x 1213011TPGH..22 / TPGB..22 / TPMT..22T9A12-W6030082
    STAPL 1616K1116 x 1612511TPGH..22 / TPGB..22 / TPMT..22T9A12-W6030082
    STACL 0808KX118 x 812511TCGH..22 / TCGB..22 / TCMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    Part #BLSInsertsSpannerScrew

Holders for SC Inserts

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    Part #BLSInsertsWrenchScrew
    SSDCR 1010K0910 x 101259.5SCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SSDCL 1010K0910 x 101259.5SCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SSDCN 1010K0910 x 101259.5SCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SSDCN 1010M0910 x 101509.5SCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SSDCN 1212K0912 x 121259.5SCMT..32.5T15A12-W6035105
    SSDCN 1212M0912 x 121509.5SCMT..32.5T15A12-W6035105
    SSDCN 1616H0916 x 161009.5SCMT..32.5T15A12-W6035105
    SSDCN 1616K0916 x 161259.5SCMT..32.5T15A12-W6035105
    SSDCN 1616M0916 x 161509.5SCMT..32.5T15A12-W6035105
    SSDCN 1616K1216 x 1612512.4SCMT..43T20A12-W5645110
    Part #BLSInsertsWrenchScrew

Holders for CC Inserts

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    Part #BLSAInsertsSpannerScrew
    SCBCR 1616K09161259.6--CCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCKCR 1616K09161259.6--CCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCR 0707KX067 X 71256.3--CCGT..21.5 / CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCLCR 0808K068 X 81256.3--CCGT..21.5 / CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCLCR 1010K0610 X 101256.3--CCGT..21.5 / CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCLCL 1010M0610 X 101356.3--CCGT..21.5 / CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCLCR 1212K0612 X 121256.3--CCGT..21.5 / CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCLCR 1212M0612 X 121506.3--CCGT..21.5 / CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCLCR 1616H0616 X 1610063--CCGT..21.5 / CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCLCR 1010KX0910 X 101259.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SCLCR 1010MX0910 X 101509.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SCLCR 1212D0912 X 12509.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCR 1212K0912 X 121259.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCR 1212M0912 X 121509.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCR 1212MX0912 X 121509.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCR 1616H0916 X 161009.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCR 1616K0916 X 161259.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCR 2020K0920 X 201259.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCR 2020M0920 X 201509.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCR 1212KW0912 X 12125912CCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCR 1212KV0912 X 1212598CCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCR 1616KV0916 X 1612598CCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCBCL 1616K09161259.6--CCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCKCL 1616K09161259.6--CCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCL 0808K068 X 81256.3--CCGT..21.5 / CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCLCL 1010K0610 X 101256.3--CCGT..21.5 / CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCLCL 1212K0612 X 121256.3--CCGT..21.5 / CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCLCL 1010KX0910 X 101259.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SCLCL 1212K0912 X 121259.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCR 1616H0916 X 161009.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCL 1616K0916 X 161259.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCLCL 2020M0920 X 201509.6--CCMT..32.5 / CCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    Part #BLSAInsertsSpannerScrew

Holders for DC Inserts

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    Part #BLSAInsertsSpannerScrew
    SDNCN 0808K078 X 81307--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SDNCN 1010K0710 X 101327--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SDNCN 1212K0712 X 121307--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025078
    SDNCN 1212M0712 X 121507--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025078
    SDNCN 1010KX1110 X 1012511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDNCN 1010MX1110 x 1015011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDNCN 1212K1112 X 1212511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDNCN 1212M1112 X 1215011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDNCN 1616H1116 X 1610011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDNCN 1616K1116 X 1612511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDNCN 2020K1120 X 2012511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDNCR 1010KX11(130)10 X 1013011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDNCR 1212K1112 X 1212511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDNCL 1212K1112 X 1212511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDNCR 1212M1112 X 1215011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDNCL 1212M1112 X 1215011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDNCR 1616H1116 X 1610911--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDNCR 2020K1120 X 2012511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACL 0808K078 X 81257--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SDACR 0808K078 X 81257--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SDACR 1010K0710 X 101307--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SDACL 1010K0710 X 101307--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SDACR 1010MX0710 X 101507--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SDACR 1212K0712 X 121257--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025078
    SDACL 1212K0712 X 121257--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025078
    SDACR 1212M0712 X 121507--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025078
    SDACR 1313K0713 X 131257--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025078
    SDACL 1313K0713 X 131257--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025078
    SDACR 1616K0716 X 161257--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025078
    SDACR 1616K0716 X 161257--DCMT..21.5 / DCGT..21.5T8A12-W6025078
    SDACR 1010KX1110 X 1013011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDACL 1010KX1110 X 1013011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDACR 1010MX1110 X 1015011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDACL 1010MX1110 X 1015011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDACR 1212K1112 X 1212511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACL 1212K1112 X 1212511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACR 1212M1112 X 1215011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACL 1212M1112 X 1215011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACL 1212KX1112 X 1212511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACL 1212KX1112 X 1212511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACR 1212MX1112 X 1215011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACL 1212MX1112 X 1215011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACR 1616H1116 X 1610011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACL 1616H1116 X 1610011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACR 1616K1116 X 1612511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACL 1616K1116 X 1612511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACR 2020K1120 X 2012511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACL 2020K1120 X 2012511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACL 2020M1120 X 2015011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACR 1616K11U*16 X 1612511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACR 2020K11U*20 X 2012511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACR 1010KV1110 X 10130117DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDACR 1212KV1112 X 12130117DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACL 1212KV1112 X 12130117DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACR 1212MV1112 X 12150117DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACR 1616KV1116 X 16125117DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACL 1616KV1116 X 16125117DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACR 1212KW1112 X 121251112DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACL 1212KW1112 X 121251112DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDACR 1212MW1112 X 121451112DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SDJCL 1010K0710 X 101207--DCMT..22.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDJCR 1010KX1110 X 1012511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDJCR 1212K1112 X 1212511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDJCL 1212K1112 X 1212511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDJCR 1212KX1112 X 1212511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDJCL 1212KX1112 X 1212511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDJCR 1212M1112 X 1215011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDJCL 1212M1112 X 1215011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDJCR 1212MX1112 X 1215011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDJCR 1616H1116 X 1610911--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDJCR 1616H11U*16 X 1610011--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDJCR 2020G11U*20 X 209911--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDJCR 2020K11U*20 X 2012511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    SDJCL 2020K11U*20 X 2012511--DCMT..32.5 / DCGT..32.5T15A12-W6040082
    Part #BLSAInsertsSpannerScrew

*With Spacer

Holders for VC / VB Inserts

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    Part #BLSAWInsertsSpannerScrew
    SVVCN 1010K1110 x 1012511----VCGT..21.5 / VCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SVVCN 1010M1110 x 1015011----VCGT..21.5 / VCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SVVCN 1212K1112 x 1212511----VCGT..21.5 / VCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025078
    SVVCN 1212M1112 x 1215011----VCGT..21.5 / VCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025078
    SVVCN 1616H1116 x 1611011----VCGT..21.5 / VCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025078
    SVVCN 1010K1310 x 1012513----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030082
    SVVCN 1010M1310 x 1015013----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030082
    SVVCN 1212K1312 x 1212813----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVVCN 1212M1312 x 1215013----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVVCN 1616K1316 x 1612513----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVVCN 1212K1612 x 1212516----VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVVCN 1212M1612 x 1215016----VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVVCN 1616K1616 x 1612516----VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVVCN 1616M1616 x 1615016----VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVVBN 1010K1110 x 1012511----VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVVBN 1010M1110 x 1015011----VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVVBN 1212K1112 x 1212511----VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVVBN 1212M1112 x 1215011----VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVVBN 1616H1116 x 1610011----VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVVBN 1616K1116 x 1612511----VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVVBN 1212K1612 x 1212516----VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040082
    SVVBN 1616H16U*16 x 1610016----VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVVBN 1616K1616 x 1612516----VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVVBN 1616M1616 x 1615016----VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVVBN 2020K1620 x 2012516----VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVACL 0808K118 x 812511--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVACR 0808K118 x 813011--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVACR 1010K1110 x 1012511--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVACL 1010K1110 x 1012511--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVACL 1010M1110 x 1015011--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVACL 1212K1112 x 1212511--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACL 1212M1112 x 1215011--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACR 1010M1110 x 1015011--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVACR 1212K1112 x 1212511--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACR 1212M1112 x 1215011--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACL 1212KX1112 x 1212511--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACR 1212MX1112 x 1215011--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACL 1212MX1112 x 1215011--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACL 1313K1113 x 1312511--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACR 1616H1116 x 1610011--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACR 1616K1116 x 1612511--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACL 1616H1116 x 1610011--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACL 1616K1116 x 1612511--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACR 1616M1116 x 1615011--91VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVJCR 1616H1116 x 1610011--93VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVJCR 1616K1116 x 1612511--93VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACR 1010K1310 x 1013013--91VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030082
    SVACR 1010M1310 x 1015013--91VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030082
    SVACR 1212K1312 x 1212513--91VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACR 1212M1312 x 1215013--91VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACR 1616K1316 x 1612513--91VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACR 1616H1316 x 1610013--91VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACR 1212KX1612 x 1212516--91VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVACR 1212MX1612 x 1215016--91VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVACR 1616H1616 x 1610016--91VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVACR 1616K1616 x 1612516--91VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVACR 2020K1620 x 2012516--91VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVJCR 2020K16U*20 x 2012516--93VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVABR 1010K1110 x 1012511--91VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVABR 1212K1112 x 1212511--91VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVABR 1212M1112 x 1215011--91VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVABR 1616H1116 x 1610011--91VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVABR 1616K1116 x 1612512--91VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVABR 1616K110216 x 1612512--91VBGH..21.5 / VBGB..21.5 / VBMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SVABR 1212KX1612 x 1212516--91VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040082
    SVABR 1212MX1612 x 1215016--91VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040082
    SVABR 1616H1616 x 1610016--91VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVABR 1616K1616 x 1612516--91VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVABR 2020K1620 x 2012516--91VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVJBR 2020K1620 x 2012516--93VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVACR 1010KV1110 x 1013011891VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVACR 1212KW1112 x 121251113.591VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACR 1212KV1112 x 1212511891VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACR 1212MV1112 x 1215011891VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACR 1616KV1116 x 1612511891VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVJCR 1616KV1116 x 1612511993VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACR 1212KV1312 x 1212513891VCMT2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACR 1212MW1312 x 12150131291VCMT2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACR 1616KW1316 x 16125131691VCMT2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACR 1616MW1316 x 16150131491VCMT2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVQBR 1212KX1112 x 1212511----VBGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVQBR 1212MX1112 x 1215011----VBGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVQBR 1616K1116 x 1612511----VBGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVQBR 1616H1616 x 1610016----VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVQBR 2020K1620 x 2012516----VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVQCR 1010KX1110 x 1013011----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVQCR 1212KX1112 x 1212511----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVQCR 1212MX1112 x 1215011----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVQCR 1616K1116 x 1612511----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVQCR 1010KX1310 x 1012513----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030082
    SVQCR 1212KX1312 x 1212513----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVQCR 1212MX1312 x 1215013----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVQCR 1616H1316 x 1610013----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVQCR 1616K1316 x 1612513----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVQCR 2020K1320 x 2012513----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVQCR 2020K1620 x 2012516----VCMT..33 / VCGT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVQCR 2020M1620 x 2015016----VCMT..33 / VCGT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVQCR 2525K1625 x 2512516----VCMT..33 / VCGT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVQCR 2525M1625 x 2515016----VCMT..33 / VCGT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVUCR 1010KX1110 x 1012511----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVUCR 1212KX1112 x 1212511----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVUCR 1212MX1112 x 1215011----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVJCL 1616K1116 x 1612511--93VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACL 1010K1310 x 1013013--91VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030082
    SVACL 1010M1310 x 1015013--91VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030082
    SVACL 1212K1312 x 1212513--91VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACL 1212M1312 x 1215013--91VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACL 1616K1316 x 1612513--91VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACL 1616H1316 x 1610013--91VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACL 1212KX1612 x 1212516--91VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVACL 1212MX1612 x 1215016--91VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVACL 1616H1616 x 1610016--91VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVACL 1616K1616 x 1612516--91VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVACL 2020K1620 x 2012516--91VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVJCL 2020K16U*20 x 2012516--93VCGT..33 / VCMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVABL 1010K1110 x 1012511--91VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVABL 1212K1112 x 1212511--91VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVABL 1616H1116 x 1610011--91VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVABL 1616K1116 x 1612512--91VBGT..22 / VBMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVABL 1212KX1612 x 1212516--91VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040082
    SVABL 1212MX1612 x 1215016--91VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040082
    SVABL 1616H1616 x 1610016--91VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVABL 1616K1616 x 1612516--91VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVABL 2020K1620 x 2012516--91VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVJBL 2020K1620 x 2012516--93VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVACL 1212KV1112 x 1212511891VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACL 1212MV1112 x 1215011891VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACL 1616KV1116 x 1612511891VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVJCL 1616KV1116 x 1612511993VCGT..22 / VCMT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVACL 1212KV1312 x 1212513891VCMT2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACL 1212MV1312 x 1215013891VCMT2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACL 1212KW1312 x 12122131291VCMT2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACL 1212MW1312 x 12150131291VCMT2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVACL 1616KW1316 x 16125131691VCMT2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVQBL 1212KX1112 x 1212511----VBGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVQBL 1212MX1112 x 1215011----VBGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVQBL 1616H1616 x 1610016----VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVQBL 2020K1620 x 2012516----VBGT..33 / VBMT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVQCL 1010KX1110 x 1013011----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVQCL 1010MX1110 x 1015011----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVQCL 1212KX1112 x 1212511----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVQCL 1212MX1112 x 1215011----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVQCL 1616H1116 x 169511----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVQCL 1616K1116 x 1612511----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVQCL 1010KX1310 x 1012513----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030082
    SVQCL 1212KX1312 x 1212513----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVQCL 1616H1316 x 1610013----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVQCL 1616HX1316 x 1610013----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVQCL 1616K1316 x 1612513----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVQCL 2020K1320 x 2012513----VCGT..2.52 / VCMT..2.52T9A12-W6030100
    SVQCL 2020K1620 x 2012516----VCMT..33 / VCGT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVQCL 2020M1620 x 2015016----VCMT..33 / VCGT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVQCL 2525K1625 x 2512516----VCMT..33 / VCGT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVQCL 2525M1625 x 2515016----VCMT..33 / VCGT..33T15A12-W6040108
    SVUCL 1010KX1110 x 1012511----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVUCL 1010MX1110 x 1015011----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025060
    SVUCL 1212KX1112 x 1212511----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    SVUCL 1212MX1112 x 1215011----VCGT..22T8A12-W6025078
    Part #BLSAWInsertsSpannerScrew

*With Spacer

Holders for ER Inserts

For Spacer see   Select item(s) below to request a quote

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    Part #B / HLL2InsertsSpannerScrewScrew for spacerSpanner
    SER 1010KX161012516ER16T10A12-W6035120KS-M3-T10T10
    SER 1212KX161212516ER16T10A12-W6035120KS-M3-T10T10
    SER 1616K161612516ER16T10A12-W6035120KS-M3-T10T10
    SEL 1010KX161012516ER16T10A12-W6035120KS-M3-T10T10
    SEL 1212KX161212516ER16T10A12-W6035120KS-M3-T10T10
    SEL 1616K161612516ER16T10A12-W6035120KS-M3-T10T10
    Part #B / HLL2InsertsSpannerScrewScrew for spacerSpanner

Holders for CC Inserts for Pfiffner / Hydromat

Clearance angle 7° – Plain and face turning, chamfering   Select item(s) below to request a quote

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    Part #BHLFInsertsSpannerScrew
    SCACR 1212D0612124512CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCACR 1210D0610124510.5CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCACR 1212D0912125013CCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCBCR 1212D0612124512.5CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCDCR 1212D0612124512.5CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCDCR 1212D0912125015CCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCECR 1212D0612124512.5CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCECR 1212D0912125015CCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCKCR 1212D0612124512.5CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCKCR 1212D0912125015CCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCKCL 1212D0912125015CCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCWCR 1212D0612124512.5CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    SCWCR 1212D0912125015CCMT..32.5T15A12-W6040108
    SCQCR 1212D0612124512.5CCMT..21.5T8A12-W6025060
    Part #BHLFInsertsSpannerScrew
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Machine type:

  • SW20 (Pos T24 + T28)

Machine type:

  • SW20
  • SW12RII
  • SV20R
  • SR20RIV
  • SB12/20R
  • SR38

Machine type:

  • SR10J (Pos T22 + T24)
  • SB12/20R; SB16/20
  • SR20J/JN; SR32J/JN
  • SR20 R/II/III; SV20R
  • SW12RII; ECAS12/20
  • SR20RIV (Pos T21-T24 Overlaps T25 - T28)

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