iSwiss Shop Floor Favorites

December 16, 2022 • iSwiss News

iSwiss provides top quality tool and work holding products but we also carry some of the most popular shop floor products! These are the top 5 shop floor favorites:

Mi Jet

Clean parts, Clean shop!

MiJET® is designed to clean parts and capture residue with one easy touch, keeping the work area and surrounding air clean.

Coolant Delivery System

With articulated steel tubes!

Modular articulated system for the supply of refrigerant at low, medium or high-pressure. Also useful for air blasting operations. Ideal for both fixed-head and Swiss-type CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal machining centers, grinding or transfer machines.


Most popular accessories are the torque wrenches for ER-Nuts.

These torque wrenches have predefined force for repeatability! This also reduces the risk of runout problems (which is caused when using too much strength and over tightening).

Automated Parts Carousel

The Smart-Table Automated Parts Carousel!

This automated parts carousel is completely programmable and made to operate in 3 different modes: It can be M-code programmed, use a timer setting, or use a counter output from the CNC control. It is mobile and adaptable to many different machine models.

Tool Protection Covers

Tool protection for tool holders!

The tool protection covers are easy to install and to remove! They cover the tools mounted in the tool holder helping eliminate injuries.

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