iswiss headquarters

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality collets and tooling at fair prices and in a timely manner. We see other companies strictly looking at margins and following the industry’s status quo. We understand that in manufacturing time is money and if you need a part, waiting weeks for delivery is not an option. For that reason, we created our business model around providing you the best collets and tools we could find, and doing it the fastest way possible. Partnering up with manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland, as well as doing our own manufacturing in the US, we are strategically positioned to do just that.

Who We Are

iSwiss offers high quality German and Swiss made tooling that especially caters to the sliding headstock and CNC lathe community. We supply everything from collets and guide bushings to holders and live tools. We can also accommodate custom sized collets that are available to ship the next business day.